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We know Christmas will be far from normal this year,  and buying gifts for your loves ones may prove difficult.
Why not dedicate a bauble to a loved one and also secure your place in Woven’s history books - We know this Christmas will be one which we will all remember - therefore our tree will stay published on our website forever!

Like many others during this second Lockdown, as a small family-run business - we are under immense pressure to keep trading as normal - in what is usually our busiest time of the year. Our Woven Christmas Tree has been created as a symbol of Christmas joy & generosity to proudly show the help we have received from our loyal customers against the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses.

If you feel like you are in a position to do so, please consider purchasing one of our Baubles below:

Our very own Woven Elves will make and deliver a handcrafted Woven Bauble containing a Gift Voucher for the full amount you have pledged, which can be redeemed immediately or at a later date, there's no expiry! We'll also add your name, company or a personal message to a loved one onto our Christmas Tree - which will remain on our website forever. You will also receive a Certificate & Thank You Message from our team. Your Bauble will arrive pre-decorated and you could even replace the gift voucher with a small photo! You can proudly display your Bauble on your own tree at home, knowing that you have helped a local business to continue serving it's customers for many years to come!

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