Like many others during this tough time, as a small family-run business - we are under immense pressure to keep trading as normal. Our Woven Wall Of Fame has been created as a symbol of support & strength to proudly show the help we have received from our loyal customers against the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses.

If you feel like you are in a position to do so, please consider purchasing a brick in our Wall Of Fame here - you will receive a Gift Voucher for the full amount you pledge which can be redeemed immediately or at a later date, alongside your Name (& Company) engraved onto our wall which will remain on our website forever. You will also receive a Certificate Of Thanks & FREE Limited Edition Woven 'Moustache Tie Clip' which you can proudly wear, knowing that you have helped a local business to continue serving it's customers for many years to come! 

Click HERE To Add Your Name To The Wall Of Fame

(Last Updated: 3rd April)

Our Generous Supporters:

  • Mark Blackbourne - "We’re bricking it for a stronger future"
  • Simon Bourne - Hand Dyed Shoe Co - - "Good luck guys. You deserve it. Simon x"
  • Mark Clattenburg - The World's Best Referee & Pundit -
  • Andrew Whitehead
  • Steve Parnell - "Good luck chaps."
  • Phil Andrew - Great Annual Savings - - "Good luck to the amazing team at Woven."
  • Simon & Diane Waggott - "Good luck Chaps, we'll see you soon. Best shops, best people.. Style never dies"
  • Ann Benson - Embracing Care Services -
  • Garry Brown
  • John Fitzsimmons - “Bricks 'Woven' together will build a stronger future”
  • Stuart Parker
  • Tont Baker
  • Steve Bell - Woven's Best Snack Provider
  • Q Kaye
  • Michael Galloway
  • Malcolm & Gail Brown - "Our favourite shop. Great range of clothes and a fantastic shopping experience with staff to be proud of."
  • Craig Milburn - "You helped me out on my big day providing fantastic wedding suits so here’s a little thanks Chris and team"
  • Paul Connor
  • Gary Tyzack - "My thank you to Chris, Olly and the team for your top class customer service every time I visit the store"
  • Alan Patrickson
  • Tony Moses
  • Anthony Higgins - "Good luck guys... we all need you - and all of our local small businesses - to be in one piece when all of this is over"
  • Keith Stewart
  • Chris Wheatley
  • Stuart Kenny
  • Allan Smith
  • Darren Grainger
  • Paul Robinson
  • Mike Parker - "Best of luck to you guys at this difficult time. See you on the other side."
  • Alex Storey
  • Jason Hedges - Ski People -
  • Alan Metcalf
  • Russell Nichol - "Thank you for the excellent customer service you've provided over many years, and for making people feel genuinely welcome. Looking forward to many more trips to your glorious store!"
  • David Girdlestone - "Take care and stay safe"
  • Tatiana Naumova & John Moody
  • Abraham W. A. Reeve
  • Leslie Newby
  • Rich Stephens
  • Glyn Robson
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